Revolution Redux

Egypt faced on 25th January 2011 the revolution which destabilized the social political and economical situation of the countrywhich was, since 1981, under the regime of Hosni Mubarak. The revolution had the mere result of seen the power taken by the Suopreme Council of Armed Forces (S.C.A.F.) In this year of transition between the creation of a new constitution and establishment of a new parliament the SACF has been largely criticised and asked to step down. The day of celebration of the 25th january 2012 could become the day of the second revolution, the day that would free Egypt from the military regime and give the power to people. On the 24th january the commander of the SCAF, M.H. Tantawi, communicated on TV and newspaper that the army would not mantain the security and intervene in Tharir Square and the surronding areas.