Occupy Dame Street

The occupy movement in New York began in September 17th 2011. The massive plan, the suppport, and the response of people to the movement was going to generate nearly 2600 camps worldwide. As result the movement in the republic of Ireland started in Dublin on the 19th September 2011. The protest was organised by he group “real Democracy Now! Ireland”. Subsequently the movement adopted the name of “Occupy Dame Street” , which was encamped in front of the central bank of Ireland, and in solidarity with the original Occupy Wall Street protest. The movement had the aim to inform people about the national socio-economical situation through various activities, such as marches, video and radio broadcast and the use of blogs and social media. After 6 months of peaceful campaign of information and demonstration the camp was removed by the Gardai on March 8 2012, in an operation started at 3:30am.