57 Yeas of Revolution

As Cuba’s Revolution celebrates 57 years the political and economic structure of the country appears to be unchanged. The country started the process to normalise relations with the United States, but the communist party remains in power, dictating the economy and the life of millions of Cubans struggling to live with the system imposed by the government. The double currency system, introduced in the late 90’s, signed the transition of the country as a tourism based economy. This together the injection of capitals from overseas, coming from middle class Cubans who escaped to the United States during the revolution, have created new social classes that increases the demand for social changes. While the country has managed to eradicate hunger, create a functional healthcare system and a state-supported education, regulations are still very difficult for foreign business investors, and the radical changes in the agenda of president Raul Castro still haven’t take place. People challenging the government for the ownership of their lands, living out of black market and Santeria religion rituals, are a portrait of a country in which a surveyed connection to the Internet becomes the big social change in half of a century.